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Tips – Where to avoid using white pebbles!

White pebbles are a popular choice for landscaping projects, as they can create a stunning contrast with plants, soil, and other elements. White pebbles can also reflect light and heat, which can be beneficial in hot and dry climates. However, white pebbles are not suitable for every situation, and there are some places where you should avoid using them. Here are some tips on where to avoid using white pebbles and what alternatives you can consider.

  • Avoid using white pebbles in areas that are prone to staining or dirt. White pebbles can easily show dirt, dust, mud, and other stains, which can ruin their aesthetic appeal. If you use white pebbles in areas that are frequently exposed to these elements, you will need to clean them regularly to maintain their appearance. Some examples of such areas are driveways, pathways, and around trees or shrubs that shed leaves or fruits. Instead of white pebbles, you can use darker or more natural coloured pebbles, such as our charcoal, blue grey black mix, or mixed pebbles, which can hide dirt and stains better. You can also use gravel, sand, or mulch, which are easier to clean or replace.

  • Areas that are close to water features or pools is another area to avoid using white pebbles. White pebbles can be affected by water, especially if it contains chlorine, salt, or other chemicals. Water can cause white pebbles to lose their colour, shine, or shape over time. Water can also cause white pebbles to become slippery or unstable, which can pose a safety hazard. Alternatively, you can use a quartz pebbles that are more resistant to water, such as our white quartz pebbles, which can also add a touch of elegance to your water feature or pool area.

  • White pebbles are a versatile and attractive option for landscaping, but they are not ideal for every situation. By following these suggested tips, you can avoid using white pebbles in places where they might not work as well, and choose other options that can enhance your outdoor space. For more information on pebbles and other landscaping products, view the Oz Pebbles website or contact us.