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Crushed Pebbles – Some Popular Uses!

Crushed pebbles are a great choice for many landscaping projects. They can add colour, texture, and contrast to your garden, driveway, pathway, or patio. Here are some popular uses for crushed pebbles from Oz Pebbles:

  • Mulch: Crushed pebbles can be used as a mulch to protect your soil from erosion, sunlight, and weeds. They also retain moisture and regulate temperature in your garden. Unlike organic mulch, crushed pebbles do not decompose or attract pests. You can choose from different colours and sizes of crushed pebbles to match your garden theme.
  • Pathways: Crushed pebbles can be used to create beautiful and durable pathways in your outdoor space. They are easy to maintain, and provide a natural and rustic look. You can use crushed pebbles of different shapes and colours to create patterns and borders along your pathways.
  • Driveways: Crushed pebbles can be used to pave your driveway and add curb appeal to your home. They are strong and stable, and they can withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions. You can use crushed pebbles of different sizes and colours to create a unique and attractive driveway.
  • Water features: Crushed pebbles can be used to enhance your water features, such as ponds, fountains, or streams. They can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your garden, and they can also attract birds and wildlife. You can use crushed pebbles of different colours and textures to create contrast and depth in your water features.
  • Decorative accents: Crushed pebbles can be used to add decorative accents to your landscaping project. They can be used to fill gaps, highlight plants, or create focal points in your garden. You can use crushed pebbles of different colours and shapes to create a stunning visual effect.

If you are interested in using crushed pebbles for your next landscaping project, you can visit our website’s product section to see our full range of crushed pebble products or by contacting us today. We are one of the leading crushed stone suppliers in South East Queensland, offering high-quality and affordable crushed pebbles for any purpose. Oz Pebbles – your destination for crushed rock landscaping.